Welcome to Baldham Farm

Welcome to Baldham FarmWelcome to Baldham FarmWelcome to Baldham Farm

About Us


Organically raised meats

We raise heritage breeds of livestock to provide you with the highest quality meats. We believe that small scale farming is better for the environment and the livestock itself.

Baldham Farm has followed organic farm practices since day one and has been certified organic by the WSDA for three years. Even though we have recently opted out of being certified, we are still committed to raise our livestock naturally without GMO feeds and without any synthetic materials or antibiotics. 


100% grass fed beef, pastured pork, lamb and chicken

Nestled on 38 pristine acres in Skagit County, Washington. Baldham Farm is a first generation family farm dedicated to raising farm animals in a tranquil setting, the right way, with lush organic pastures and woods.


Local markets and CSA - Skagit County, WA

You will find us at the Mount Vernon and Sedro-Woolley's Farmer's Market during the warmer months, or you can come to our store at the farm to enjoy relaxed shopping. Come visit to see where and how we raise the livestock that provides your meats.

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What you get when you buy meats from Baldham Farm

When you buy our meats, you don't only get high quality grass fed beef, lamb and pork, born and raised right here in our beautiful Skagit County, you buy peace of mind. 

The peace of mind of knowing that the animals that provided the meat were raised and harvested humanely. They lived a healthy stress free life on pasture and as they are intended.

You are not just buying steaks or ground beef, you are buying something special that you will not find in an isle of any grocery store.

When choosing us, you are supporting a small family farm, where each animal is celebrated, cared for following organic principles and kept in small healthy herds. Our goal, achieving sustainability by providing organic meats to the local community at a reasonable price. 

 Thank you for your support, Miriam, Dan and Sammy.


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Due to the high demand of meats during off market season, Baldham Farm has started offering scheduled deliveries to our customers. Sign up for our convenient deliveries and your commitment to support our farm will pay off with special offers and discounts!

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