About Us

Never in my whole life would I have thought (dreamed) that I would end up farming. I was born and raised in city center of Madrid (Spain), I loved the country side but was living in a concrete and asphalt jungle in a country where you usually stick to your roots and see few leap into entrepreneurship. 

Now here I am in the most beautiful place I have seen so far and am fortunate to be farming. How did I make it here? Well, I met my husband Dan (a Washingtonian) in Spain, where we married and settled down. Dan would often ask me: “Miriam, will you let me raise pigs one day?” Dan loves pigs, he used to raise them and, as a child, he found a profound connection with these intelligent and fun animals. My response, was always the same: “Yes, one day…” 

Dreams can come true!

Miriam Garrote

Baldham Farm from the Air