The Beef we offer to you

Balham farm started with a tiny herd of three registered Dexter cows. Time has gone by and our Dexter herd has healthily increased over the years. 

We do love our Dexter beef cuts since they are slightly smaller than the conventional steak cuts you find in the stores. We believe in healthier portions.

Some customers like their steaks bigger though, so Baldham Farm has added some Hereford and Angus cattle to our herd. We do have the beef you are looking for, come check it out! 

Our Cattle is 100% natural, grass fed only and grazes on our fields which are Certified Organic by the WSDA. We do not give our cattle antibiotics or any other synthetic inputs. 

We sell frozen vacuum packed cuts of beef that are USDA inspected. No need to buy a half a beef or quarter beef! 

If you wish to fill up your freezer, we do give discounts for large orders, just get in touch.   Delivery is available depending on the order and where in WA you are located. 

Call or text: 360-722-4372 or send me an email: