CSA Deliveries - Meat and/or Produce


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It allows local families to have direct access to high quality, locally produced food in a way that is mutually beneficial for both the farmer and the consumer.  CSA members receive a significant discount for their on-going commitment to our farm.

Meat Share Options:

Baldham Farm offers beef, pork and lamb (lamb availability limited and depends on season). 2018 will be the first year we will also offer whole chicken, raised on our farm! 

You decide if you want a bi-weekly or a mothly delivery of a Meat Box. The meat box consists of convenience cuts and optional add-ons.

 When signing up you can choose between the small or big box as well as just beef, or beef and pork, or just pork. You can design your own box.

What are convenience cuts?

Meats packages such as ground beef, sausages and pork chops that most families eat on a fairly regular basis. 

Our convenience cuts are: ground beef, beef patties, sausages (options: Breakfast, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian). Besides the convenience cuts you will have the option to add on other cuts such as steaks, roasts, offal (options: Prime ribs, T-bones, Rib Eye, Sirloin, Top round, Chuck roasts, Soup bones…) 

Every time you get the box delivered you will be presented with the available add-ons and you can choose and pay those at the time of delivery. You can also ask any time for availability of certain cuts.

CSA - Agreement

This is a document that explains how the CSA sign up work and will help determine what your farm box will be.

Meat Box Suggestions

Small Meat box Option A (Beef & Pork) $50 to $53

3 pounds of ground beef 

2 pounds of pork sausage 

4 pork chops

Big Meat box Option B (Beef & Pork) $80 to $83

4 pounds of ground beef 

3 pounds of pork sausage 

8 pork chops

Small Meat box Option A (Beef) $26

4 pounds of ground beef

Big Meat box Option B (Beef) $39

6 pounds of ground beef

Design your own box!

Does neither of these options fit your family needs, please let us know and we can work together to meet your needs.

Produce, Breads and other goods

When Pigs Fly Farm


Interested in getting organically grown produce from a local farm? When Pigs Fly Farm located in Big Lake, WA offers organically grown produce baskets big and small delivered to you.

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A Man and his Hoe Farm


Daniel from A Man and His Hoe Farm makes the tastiest breads with local organic grains, tofu and soy milk, he offers these add on items to the CSA baskets:

Whole Wheat made from Buck Pronto Wheat grown in the Walla Walla area. 

Breads made from Red Espresso Hard Wheat grown in Skagit Valley.

 These breads afre made in plain, rosemary, cumin, coriander, dill, and allspice flavors. Whole Wheat Cinnamon Whirls.

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